Environmental Challenges of the Philippines

by Faith Academy Biology Students



Students will explore an environmental issue in the Philippines that has a biological cause and/or potential solution. The focus of the issue should be a plant, invertebrate, or vertebrate animal.  The student will research, investigate, interview experts as well as conduct field studies, surveys, and/or experiments to better understand, suggest, and participate in a viable solution to the environmental challenge.



The Philippines is a beautiful country, rich in natural resources and resilient people.  However, like many other countries it is confronted with daunting environmental challenges that negatively impact the quality of life.   These range from air, water, and land pollution, logging, over-fishing, malnutrition, harmful farming techniques and pests, and many other practices that are degrading the natural resources and threatening the health,  welfare and future of the people.  By completing this project, it is hoped that the student will gain a deeper appreciation of the “web” of ecological relationships surrounding a specific environmental issue. In addition, the student will develop more insights, research experience, knowledge and a sense of personal responsibility and stewardship in protecting the natural environment of the Philippines and helping others.


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