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2008-2009 ECOP Projects

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2008-09 Table of Contents 


Vertebrates Invertebrates Plant Other Environmental Issues Food Production
Philippine crocodilecrocodylus mindoroensis Mosquito control Biodiesel from malunggay Plastic dring cups for potting containers Low-fat filipino tofu dishes
Responsible pet manangement of cats Capiz shells and their uses Peanut grass Bacteria in mall restrooms Salt substitutes for cooking
Hawksbill turtle   Cogon grass uses Natural skin care with papaya Chocolate from cocoa plant
Crocodile—Crocodylus porosus   Malunggay’s nutrition Rabbit manure as fertilizer Malunggay recipes
Cage design’s effect on lovebirds’ behavior   Papaya leaf nutrition Mt pinatubo eruption’s impact on local environment Nutritional meat preparation
Quail raising for poor families   Sugarcane pulp as paper-making mat’l Plastic grocery bags—alternate uses Mongo bean sprouts
Bat houses   Carrot-chamomille-Honey soap Low-cost flea medicine for dogs Brown vs white rice
    Sambong plant Emotive portraits of endangered animals Banana heart recipes
    Coconut husk uses Designing a local hiking trail Goat cheese vs cow cheese
    Passion flower tea uses Threads of hope livelihood project Low-tech goat milk pasteurization system
    Garden balsm as a fingernail Music from native materials  
    Rice water shampoo Making useful materials from trash  
    Tropical oils in home-made sun screens Reducing drug use among street gangs)  
    Kamote—sweet potato Breakdancing  
    Lemon grass Ink from plants  
    Hibiscus shampoo & conditioner Tuberculosis in the Philippines
      Household ways to reduce waste stream  
      Homemade soccer balls  
      Water filtration device  
      Soccer clinic for youth  
      Homemade mosquito repellent  
      Environmental awareness through art appreciation  
      Phytoremediation of heavy metals  
      Soccer training regimen program  
      Flip-flops from old tires  
      Biodegradable teaching unit  
      An environmental board game  
      Homemade soap from used cooking oil  
      Water filtration system from c-2 bottles  
      Gymnastics training program for filipino youth  


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