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2007 2008 ECOP Projects

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2007-08 Table of Contents 





 Other Environmental Issues

 Food Production

Tarsier (PB) Praying Mantis Pechay Cultivation with Drip Irrigation Rooftop Gardens
using Recycled Flower Pots
Rabbit Adobo
Calamian Deer--endangered species of the Philippines
Jellyfish Aloe Vera Tote Bags from Flour Sacks  
Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle Lice Almaciga Resin Is Charcoal Grilling a Safe Way of Cooking?  
Tilapia - Marketing Strategies   Neem Tree Phytoremediation with Water Hyacinth  
  Papaya Growing on Rooftops Dynamite Fishing  
Tamaraw   Rice Production that’s Economical Impact of Ship Building
on Subic Bay Coral
Containment instead of free range
  Tuba-tuba - Producing Oil Cyanide Fishing  
Asiatic Yellow Bat   Sineguela Disappearing Dabakan Drums?  
The Philippine Tarsier (MP)   Potato Cultivation for Poor Communities Watering System for Rooftop Garden  
Little Leopard Cat   Water Hyacinth - Craft Uses Dehydration in the Urban Population  
Manta Ray - a threatened species  

Basil - Insecticidal Uses

A Recycling Center for Poor Communities  
 Goat Production  

Sabila - Medicinal Uses

Environmentally-friendly Golf Courses  
    Rattan - is it in danger? Car Exhaust Effects on Plants  
    Cassava (kamote) Vermicomposting in Papaya Production  
    Barako Coffee Coconut Oil in Cosmetics  

Water Hyacinth
Pollution Control Properties

Gypsum: Soil Improvement Fertilizer  
    Ipil Ipil Reducing Jeepney Emissions  
    Sanseviera - an extraordinary plant SALT Agriculture: A Viable Solution to Soil Erosion  

Narra Tree
Medicinal Properties of it's Herbal Tea

Reducing Typhoid Fever
    Pumpkins for jobs and nutrients

Assessing Filipino Awareness of Environmental Challenges

Rooftop Garden
    Basil - Nutritional and Cooking Uses Finding New Uses
for Coastal Plastic Garbage
    Narra - Nonmedicinal Uses Filipino Guitar  
    Teak Tree Kadyapi: A Native Stringed Instrument  
    Soybeans - Cure for Protein Malnutrition Trashcans     
    Water Hyacinth - A Crisis or an Opportunity? Earth Day Recycling Paper  
    Virgin Coconut Oil Production Producing a Basketball Locally  
      Recycled Trash Uses (HJ)  
      Coconut as A New Source of Income
      Selective Clear Cutting  


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