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2006 2007 ECOP Projects

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2006-07 Table of Contents 





 Other Environmental Issues

 Food Production

Janitor Fish Crown of Thorns Starfish

Sampaguita (flower)

Limiting Stray Dogs

SALT Sustainable Agriculture

  Termites and Their Control



Urban Rooftop Gardening Strategies

Green Sea Turtle

Peanut Grass (Arachis pintoy) as Erosion Control


Vacant Lot Gardening

  Oysters and Pollution

Malungay Tree

Cyanide Fishing

FAITH Gardens

Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle

Golden Apple Snail

Banana --Alternate Uses

Pearl Cultivation

Watering System for Rooftop Gardens

Bare-backed Fruit Bat


 Mango Tree


Organic Insect Repellents for Eggplant



Narra--Best Wood for Guitars



Chinese Egret


Kang Kong (vegetable)

Population Control of Dogs





Kangaroo Leather Substitute for Soccer Cleats


Tube-nosed Fruit Bat


Mahogany Tree

Recycling Phone Books--Boutique Items


North Palawan Tree Squirrel


Lauan Tree

Algae in Car Body Design




Mangrove (tree)

Dynamite Fishing




Bermuda Grass for Sports Field







Giant Golden-crowned Flying Fox


Bamboo Flutes



Napolean Wrasse (fish)


Bamboo Replanting





Ylang-ylang (flower)

Jogging in Manila


Luzon Wart Frog


Calabasas Squash for Better Nutrition



Calamian Deer



Index for Philippine Biodiversity Book





Paper Making from Rice Straw


Rice Field Rat


Ipil-ipil (tree)



Visayan Spotted Deer


Mango Tree for Flooding Control



Ilin Island Cloud Rat





Mindoro Bleeding Heart (bird)





Visayan Warty Pig










Philippine Cockatoo










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